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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Home sick again, and very, very bored. Voices at the back of my head are nagging me to clean something, and the voice at the forefront of my body who is keeping tabs on my actual physical condition is going "are you frelling nuts???". So I'm alternately sleeping, reading, drinking tea, and surfing the internet for wankfights.

In no particular order, I LOVED episode one of Torchwood, and cannot wait for episode two.

Also, I really, really must see Pan's Labyrinth. Dad was bemoaning the lack of a Harry Potter or Narnia this year, and I think Pan's Labyrinth might just do it for me. At least, I hope so.

Many updates pending on many things. But not till I'm better.

( 2:16 PM ) Sarah Jane ~

Monday, October 23, 2006

Awesome Lunch

So last night I dragged myself through work, promising that I'd get to make a nice shepherd's pie for dinner and relax. I headed over to Loblaws after work and loaded up on supplies -- only to discover they were out of ground beef. And then they announced the store was closing. In a hurry to grab SOMETHING to eat (my cupboard, while not exactly bare, contains mostly condiments and side dishes), I picked up some chicken breast.

I ended up making a kickass chicken salad sandwich.


Chop up the cooked chicken breast.
Chop up a stalk of celery.
Grate a carrot.
Smash up some walnuts.
Whoosh it all together.
Add pepper and a bit of nutmeg.
Add President's Choice Curried Mayonnaise (or I guess you could make your own with some curry).

It's fantastic. It would also be good with something sweet -- I'm thinking a bit of apple or dried mango.

( 12:09 PM ) Sarah Jane ~

Friday, October 20, 2006

Other Good Stuff

WFC Austin is coming up, and I can't wait -- I need to get away so very badly. Also, shortly before that time, we may be getting a new feline addition to the house. But more on that later.

I had to apply for a new passport, and went with dread to get my photo. The first time I tried this, last year at this time (also at the period of weight loss in which photos of myself tended to send me screaming for the hills), I swear no matter what I did, I came out looking sick and extremely unhappy. You know, not the kind of picture likely to get me across the border.

So I got the passport photo back this time -- and somehow, I ended up with a rocking passport photo. Seriously, check me out!

Passport photo

I still wish they'd let you smile. But I really wish all my photos turned out this well.

( 1:52 PM ) Sarah Jane ~

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Video Fun Stuff

Lots of good videos floating around the web.

First, Bravia, of the fabulous ad in which they sent 250,000 bouncy balls down the streets of San Francisco, are at it again. With Paint.

Next, this is what happens when fangirls bitchfight about their celebrities. And the celebrities find out about it on National TV.

And finally, Torchwood, Torchwood, and more Torchwood!

And Russell talks about Torchwood.

( 9:48 AM ) Sarah Jane ~


More Good Stuff

First, from Martha Wells, the Best Brains are at it again, hurrah!

Erin sent me a link to the Indian version of Thriller.

I'm really enjoying the Greenday/U2 cover of The Saints are Coming

And Kelly will kill me, but I find this thing so spot-on when it comes to George Lucas. And funny.

( 9:45 AM ) Sarah Jane ~

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some Good Stuff

I did promise. :)

Good thing: On the TTC subways, they're running a series of slightly obnoxious ads for a haunted house at Canada's Wonderland. One features a picture of a coffin in the ground, overlaid with the question "What happens if you get scared to death... twice?"

On our way home from Thanksgiving, my sibling and I discovered that some enterprising person had affixed a cheerful yellow post-it to the ad, stating "A: 1/4".

We spent a good long time laughing after that.

Other good news: A teacher brought her class to the Digital Gallery yesterday, and they enjoyed it so much, they're going to write letters to the ROM about it. Hurrah!

Which brings me to my latest dilemma -- continuing education. This last year has proved pretty conclusively to me that I get an immense amount of joy and fulfillment out of education in an unconventional setting. I could be happy working at the science centre as well, or a nature centre, or Nancy's school. Some place where education is fun and cool, and not just a way to pass the day.

Most of these places require some sort of teaching degree. I'm looking at the Teacher's Certificate, and taking a year-leave, but I'm also looking at maybe taking two years -- either for the Master's of Teaching, which also focuses on research ability (meaning I'd be more eligible for curatorial positions as well, or more programs development), or applying for the internship at Nancy's school and then doing my teaching degree. Or maybe internship + MT... at which point my head starts to hurt again.

The thing is, as scary as all this is (including that fun unknown leap into financial instability and possible bucketloads of debt), I'm really excited about the idea of doing stuff like this for a living.

Grrrgh. Too many choices. Not enough time.

( 12:02 PM ) Sarah Jane ~

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Humane Society Update 2

This one sucks even worse than the last one -- I promise I'll post something fun after it.

So Karina and I made a trip to the Humane Society to see what was up, and see if we could find the kittens.

Well, remember when they told us that bringing them in and reuniting the family was the best thing we could do for them?

I found Mortimer. Alone. So scared he was practically catatonic. And he's been renamed "Labatt".

We don't know what to do. We're both furious and upset now, and we don't think we're the best house for him, because Pyewacket and Alistair are too high-maintenance, but we're not willing to let him suffer there.

God, those people suck.

( 9:26 PM ) Sarah Jane ~

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Family's Numbers

We've got the numbers at the Toronto Humane Society for the kittens. If you know anybody who wants a cat or a kitten, we can vouch for all of them (just don't take Tigs -- he's ours).

Ralphie, Antigone, Plum, Poppy, and Murgatroyd have the following numbers:

Clockwise from right: Murgatroyd, Antigone, Poppy, Ducky, Plum, Ralphie(in centre)

Mr. Plumperton & Murgatroyd

Mortimer and Ducky have the following numbers:

Mortimer & Ducky

Cass, once again, is:

And here are some videos of the family:

( 11:01 AM ) Sarah Jane ~


Cat Update

Still no word on what's up with the cats, but our upstairs neighbour wants one before her move (oh yeah, anybody who wants to rent the upstairs apartment in our house, let me know) so she may adopt one of the kittens if the humane society won't let us do it.

Cassie came online a couple days ago -- if you'd like to adopt her, her reference number is ID# A104634. She's the second one from the bottom on that page at the moment, though it changes every day.

She's a wonderful cat -- she was coming to our door every day just because she wanted someone to pet her. She's very purry and very snuggly, and would do very well with someone who can give her lots of attention.

I'll post an update when we find Mortimer or the kittens.

( 10:16 AM ) Sarah Jane ~


Continuing the Kitten Saga

I'm sorry, you've all been very patient, and I will post something witty and amusing soon.

So Erin finally caught the Mama Cass today, and brought her into the humane society. As you will recall, this is what the Humane Society instructed us to do, as it would be better to reunite the family in the long run.

They basically treated Erin like crap. Really unprofessional, "god, that carrier reeks", "um, how do you know that's the mom" kind of unprofessional. Still wouldn't let her see the kittens. Who are going out to a foster home until they're ready for adoption -- they're not putting Mum back with them. Though Erin did manage to talk the attendant into moving Mortimer in with Cassie.

Thing is, because Erin signed over Mortimer, Ducky, and Cassie (never mind that it was on the recommendation of the Humane Society, for the good of the kittens, and we did NOT sign over custody of Tigs, Ralphie, Plum, Poppy, or Murgatroyd, who were in fact taken without our consent and against our wishes), they won't let Erin adopt any of them. And there's a good chance they won't let me do it either.

( 10:15 AM ) Sarah Jane ~

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